The voice-browsing toolbar is an explorer add-on which lets you control your browser using voice commands. The add-on is currently available for Internet Explorer on a Windows Vista (or above) operating system. There are several browser commands supported which relate to navigation and some predefined website you can navigate to by saying their name, for example: saying "facebook" will result in navigation to the URL

The preferences dialog allows you to customize the website list and add your own favorite websites. You specify the website URL allong with the website name (trigger text) that you want the speech recognition engine to recognize.


- MS Windows Vista (or above - Windows 7)
-.NET Framework 3.5
- MS Internet Explorer 6 (and above)

Supported browser commands

- back
- forward
- refresh
- reload (same as refresh)
- search
- new window
- home

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download for Voice Browsing IE Toolbar 1.0.1
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